Swap & Shop January 2001

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 For Sale:  1.  Enfield conversion !! .257 Weatherby Magnum, 26" , Bishop style stock, Wby. (Tomorrow's Rifles Today) pad, Old Buehler mounts.  For an advanced collector.  Pre-serial number.  Hunting condition.  Will send photos for free.  $3500 OBO.
    2.  Safari grade custom, left hand (very rare) .300 Weatherby, 26", satin oil finish, French walnut stock, fleur-de-leis checkering, ebony tips with initials in gold.  No sights.  Magna-ported.  Hunting condition. Retail $5199,  But 50% off (like the condition!!) -- $2600 OBO.  Call Sean -- 925-783-1200.
   3.  The most unique "crown grade" I have ever seen.  .300 Wby., 24" Mauser conversion, serial #6537.  Bbl. Engraved.  Hidden magazine (no floor plate), engraved trigger guard and scope bases and mounts.  3x9 Redfield scope, unique curly "Q" stock with only one inlay in gold.  Engraved W.E. Euker.  This rifle came from the Ken Behring collection.  $6000 / OBO.  Call Sean -- 925-783-1200.
   4.  Great old red-stocked Southgate (German) .300 with non-fluted bolt and slide safety on stock.  Great gun topped with Imperial 4x81 scope.  Redfield mounts and rings, 24" hunting condition.  Original Wby. "Tomorrow's Rifles Today" pad.  Serial #20248. 90%+ condition overall.  $1750 OBO.  Call Sean -- 925-783-1200.

 I am always willing to trade for used crown customs, multi-gauge Athenas and high grade or custom MK XXII's.  Call Sean --

 For Sale:    1.  Weatherby brand RELOADING DIES -- 7mm WM.  New in plastic box - will sell for $60.
 2.  37 page SECOND EDITION Weatherby catalog (Tomorrow's Rifles Today).  Has some water damage to edges of pages, otherwise in excellent condition.  Reduced to $500.
 3.  Weatherby collectors KNIFE!  This is a Case XX folding knife, presented to participants at the 1998 Writer's Conference. It is ONE OF ONLY 50 made, and is engraved 1 of 50.  Does not have the Walnut box, so will sell for only $175.
 4.  50th Anniversary Weatherby belt buckles, made for Weatherby by Montana Silversmiths.  New in velvet case.  Retailed for over $135, but will sell at $99 each!  5.  German .460 WM, Mesquite, all original and 99+%.  A collectors rifle, with RARE 24" barrel, no muzzle brake. $3850.
 6.  FIBERMARK .240 - 24". 99%, minor stock dings  (touched up).  This is the early Fibermark, with extended pistol grip and diamond inlay. Japanese -- $775.
 7. .375 WM Southgate - Mauser action, Excellent condition  with original factory installed Lyman peep sight. - $3500.
 8.  35th Anniversary Mark V, 7mm WM.  New, unfired with spectacular wood --$1150 takes it!
 Call or FAX Jim @ 360-835-9660 (West coast time), email
westhunt@pacifier.com .

For Sale:  Weatherby Collection.  Includes: Southgate Collection - German Collection Commemorative Collection - 16- (4 complete sets of commemoratives) Rocket + 2 .375's. Call for complete list (541) 996-2287.  M. Dack.

 For Sale:  Rare 20ga. - 28 ga. two barrel set Athena V shotgun, brand new in Weatherby aluminum case.  This is the 1999 WCA raffle shotgun.  This rare Athena V was customized by Weatherby, Inc. with a special stock inlay, making this a one-of-a-kind firearm.  Have letter of authenticity from WCA.  $5000.  Call R.P. at 530-284-7443.

 Wanted:  1.  Japanese 22-250 Mark V Deluxe with 26" barrel.  Must be 99% or NIB. 
 2.  Weatherby Pennsylvania State Rifle, #1 or #2. Call Dwight @ 610-250-9671.

 Wanted:  1.  Wby. Signature Take-down Shotgun Case.  Will pay premium price
 2.  Wby. hand tooled leather cobra style sling, elk design.  Call Dale @ 402-488-6429.

 Wanted:  Early left hand Weatherby rifles made in Southgate and Germany.  All Calibers.  Please contact Kent B. Martin, 7803 Butterfield Drive, Elkridge, Maryland 21075.  Email address is

 Wanted:  1.  Full Crown Custom Varmintmaster .224 WM, German or Japanese, 24" or 26".
 2.  Varmintmaster 24" or 26" barrel with full figured, highly colored wood end to end.
 3.  Ultramark 26" barrel, in .240 W.M. caliber.
   Call Tom.  Please leave message on my recorder. (734-283-1072).

 Wanted:  Rare & custom Weatherby firearms, collectibles, memorabilia, AYA & J.P. Sauer Drillings, Combo's and shotguns imported by Weatherby, all rifles in .220 Rocket, .228 WM, 26" .224, .375 WM.  Binoculars, spotting scopes, lucite blocks, cutaway actions and scopes, guides, catalogs, signs & banners, all guns with Maple, Myrtlewood or Mesquite stocks, Mark XXII made in USA, Regencies with game scene receiver, Olympians with silver receiver, custom shop Athenas and Orions.  I
 will pay a premium for all items listed.  Collector = 217-322-6618.

 Wanted:  1.  Left hand rifles, any caliber or model. -- .300, .340, .416, .460, etc.
    2.  Guides # 17, 18, 19, and 20
    3.  Mark XXII's and scopes - one for each son.  Call Kenny @ 303-425-6802.

 For Sale:  1.   Mark XXII -- Clip fed, LNIB -- $450.
    2.  Left hand Lazermark .257 from custom shop $1550.  Maybe more.
    3.  Binoculars - small compact and large.  Spotting scope.  All new with cases and boxes -- $2200.  Call Kenny @ 303-425-6802.

Biggest Selection of Weatherbys in stock -- Over 100 guns in stock - Japanese, German, US.  Call for wants.  Yesteryears Weatherbys.  Ernie
 503-399-1441, FAX 503-540-7692.

 For Sale:   1. German MKV 300wm, Pxxxx, 5 panel carving.  Inlays:  2 - #10B, 1 - #10C, gold studs, highly figured walnut stock.  24" barrel, custom engraved floor plate.  Test fired only, 99+%.  $3200.
      2.  German MKV 300wm, 24xxx, iron sights, hooded front sight, 2 - #11B inlays, diamond grip cap, #10 checkering with border, basket weave.  Stock has a few handling marks ((8%), blue 98+, custom engraved floor plate, 24 in.  $2500.
       3.  Japanese .460wm - 26in. With Pendleton factory brake.  5 panel carving, mesquite stock, 99+%, test fired only.  $2400.  Call R.P.

 Wanted:  1.  Patrician in excellent condition - prefer  Ducks Unlimited edition.
   2.  Centurion Deluxe in excellent condition -- prefer  Ducks Unlimited.
   3.  Weatherby .22 with serial number starting with AC or AT.
   4.  Olympian standard.  NOT skeet or trap.  In excellent condition.
    Contact Curt @ (303) 543-8727 or email
CHop12345@aol.com .

 Wanted:    Lazermark, any caliber through .300 Wby., with light or "blond" wood and dark laser engraving, 98-99%. Armando (561) 989-7553, e-mail

 For Sale:  Weatherby "Limited States Series" Rifle.  Ser. #81DE 01, .300 WM.  "Number one for  Delaware".  NIC. $6900.  Call Bob Michalek
 (716) 592-3532.

 For Sale:  WBY German Mark V 30-06 with 24" barrel.  The gun is 99%. Asking $1400. Call Dwight @ 610-250-9671.

 For Sale:  Early 1950's Weatherby .300 mag. Sako action. Serial #6256A. Belgian barrel.  This is a rare rifle.  Stock is 95-98%. The bluing is 99%.
 Very few shots fired. Has  3x9 Redfield Widefield scope. $2800.  Call Bill Butler  208-783-7038.

 Wanted:  Weatherby Mark V Lazermark or regular Mark V in 7MM Wby. Mag., with maple or light walnut stock (blonde), and dark rosewood tips.
 Japanese preferred, but German OK.  Will consider  300 WM or 270 WM. E-mail

 For Sale:  Grade IV Athena 12 Gauge Trap Combo. 32 in. barrels, choke tubes, nice wood, NIB. $3000.
    Call Gary @ 712-297-8931 or E-mail

 For Sale:   New Weatherby MK V Deluxe Claro Walnut stocks. Complete and ready to install. Made for standard #2 barrel contour. Made in USA for Weatherby under contract during 1995-96.  Weatherby has authorized selling these as "factory seconds" and receives a fee for each one sold. They are not marked as seconds. CONDITION: Unused. All have minor cosmetic or spec. imperfections and minor scuffs from box storage. PRICES: $139-199. Plus shipping. ORDERING/INFO: call Bill. 315 866 0235 (upstate NY) Thank you.

 Wanted:  ALL WEATHERBY RIFLES & MEMORABILIA!  Crown Customs & Customs,  Southgate Customs, J.P. Sauer Drillings & Royal Shotguns marked Weatherby, all .375  Wbys., .220 Rockets & .228 Wbys.  Rare Weatherby items,  #1-10 Weatherby Guides,  cutaway actions, Lucite blocks, Mark XXII rifles and scopes, anything Weatherby. Call David @ (605) 482-8283, or (605) 480-8283, email
leroysguns@splitrocktel.net .

 Wanted:  Early Left Hand Weatherby Rifles made in South Gate.  All calibers.  Also, Mark V Crown Custom rifles.  Call J.D.
 (Office 941-676-3411), (Home - 941-638-3355).

 For Sale:   A PAIR of German .378 WM, Pendleton brakes, no sights.  Bluing is 99%, and stocks are 98+% with excellent figure both sides.  Your choice --  $1895  each.
   Call or FAX Jim @ 360-835-9660 (West coast time), email
westhunt@pacifier.com .

 Wanted:   Anything with Weatherby on it, including all crown customs, German 26" MKV's, MK XXII's (especially Mossberg USA), Southgate-FN, .375 Wby., .220 Rocket, .228 Wby. & .460 Brevex, Drillings, Royals, and any and all memorabilia.  If you need something or have a Weatherby item 4-sale, please call Scottie @ 605-482-8510 (P.M. is best), FAX
 605-482-8710, or email
skeet@splitrocktel.net .  See website  www.skeetersweatherby.com .  Dealer - collector.

 For Sale:  Grade IV Athena 12 Gauge Trap Combo.  32 in. barrels, choke tubes, nice wood, NIB.  $3000.  Call Steve 712-864-3183.

 For Sale:  1. German .270WM, 24" barrel, 99% overall, jeweled bolt, beautiful wood - $1550
    2.  Mark XXII's, Japan:  Tube with light stock & Clip with light medium stock.  Both NIB with target and papers.  $850 each or $1600 for pair.
    3.  Mark XXII scopes.  Nib with original scope covers .  $300 each.
    4.  Olympian 20 gauge shotgun, O/U.  Excellent condition, and nice stock.  $950.
    5.  German Weatherby cataway action in .300WM, chrome plated.  $2500.
    6.  Various German Mark V deluxes, all with 26" barrels.  Wood and blueing in collectible condition.  Prices start at $1500.
 Call Henry @ 541-384-4155 West coast time, or FAX 541-384-5155.

 Wanted:  Left Handed Mausers, 7mm & .375 Mathieu.  Left handed Mark V .243, .244 Rem., .270 WCF.  Left handed Europa (any caliber);  Mark XXII Mossberg - clip; Regency (1967) game scene, Athena 28 ga.; Centurion DLX.  Call 863-676-3411
 (office), or 863-638-3355 (home).

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